Online School Payments & Paying School Fees

Ease the burden

Spread out your payments over 10 months interest free.


Makes Personal budgeting easier

Earn reward points

Earn credit card reward points on one of your biggest expenses.

Utilize interest free days

Up to 55 days with many credit cards.

Choice of payment options

Visa and MasterCard

Save time

Payments made automatically every month

Save Money

Unlike other payment systems, your credit card payments are not treated as cash advances.

No cost

No additional fees for paying monthly. There is the standard credit card processing fee of 1%.

Email / SMS payment confirmations

Be informed every time a payment is made.


Only one form to complete until graduation.

Enables split payments

From different parents and / or grandparents.


Schools and parents have secure Logins

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Ease the burden and spread out your parent payments over 10 months, interest free. Spreading your parent online payment over 10 months makes budgeting easy. Earn rewards on your credit card. Save time on your parent payments by establishing automatic direct debit and credit card payments. Take control of your budget and secure your hard earned funds. Sign up to SchoolEasyPay today and join the future of school parents’ online payments.