Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about School Easy Pay.

  • 1. Can I make payments with School EasyPay from credit cards and debit cards? +

    You can only pay by credit card or debit card. Credit card payments may enable you to earn reward points
  • 2. What is the easiest way to pay my school fees? +

    Automatic payments are the easiest way to pay – you can decide to spread out your payments and pay by the
  • 3. Can I split my fees payment with another parent / grandparent / etc.? +

    Yes, It is possible to split them. You will need to register with School EasyPay the amount paid on each
  • 4. How long after my payment has been made will my school receive my payment? +

    Schools with School EasyPay will receive funds within 3 banking clearance days after the transaction has been processed. All payments
  • 5. How do I know if my fee has been paid? +

    If you are opted in for payment notification, you will receive an SMS or email confirmation when a payment is
  • 6. Can I make payments immediately (e.g. deposits, upfront fees, donations, excursions) to my school? +

    You can make any initial or one-off payments such as these with your credit/ debit card. One-off payments can be
  • 7. Will I receive membership details when I register to School EasyPay? +

    With School EasyPay your membership number and details are sent to you via email.
  • 8. What do I do if I want to change my details or payment method? +

    Simply login to and update your details. If you have a problem updating these details, feel free to contact us.
  • 9. What do I do if I want to stop paying my fee with School EasyPay? +

    Email requesting to stop your payments.
  • 10. What happens if a payment through School EasyPay is rejected? +

    If a payment is rejected for any reason, you will receive a message advising you to contact School EasyPay to
  • 11. Will I incur a charge if a payment made through School EasyPay is rejected? +

    If you pay your fees with your credit/debit card, you will not incur a charge for rejected payments.
  • 12. What happens if my credit card has expired? +

    Simply login to and update your details.
  • 13. What happens if I lose my credit card or I get a new one, resulting in a new card number? +

    Simply login to and update your details.
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